Matter on Ubuntu: getting started with the standard for smart home devices | Ubuntu


Canonical joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance last year to lead the charge for Linux in the smart home. The Matter standard is a particular focus for us. Its secure design and open ecosystem align well with Ubuntu’s own values of security and openness.

Ubuntu Core and Matter make for a powerful pair. Ubuntu Core’s containerisation makes it a highly secure OS that pairs well with the highly secure protocol. Its update and device management capabilities provide the missing pieces that the Matter standard leaves up to device makers to implement.

Since joining the alliance, we’ve been working to support the Matter standard on Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core. As part of that effort, we’ve created a set of reference snaps which enable the creation of a Matter fabric running entirely on Ubuntu. 

This blog is a how-to guide for creating a Matter fabric running entirely on Ubuntu devices. In it, we’ll describe how to set up a simple end device (in this case a light) and then…

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