Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana” Officially Released

The stable version of Linux Mint 20 is now available for download, and as expected, the rollout includes the typical Xfce, MATE, and Cinnamon ISO images.

Linux Mint 20, which is codenamed Ulyana, is a long-term support version, so it’ll receive support until 2025. And needless to say, it comes with massive improvements that include linux-firmware 1.187 and the Linux kernel 5.4.

But what’s being described as “the star of the show” in this release is Warpinator, an application that allows sharing files across a network and which is described as a modern successor to Giver.

Originally implemented in Linux Mint 6, Giver was an app that made file sharing between computers fairly simple as it allowed users to send and receive files with just a drag and drop and without the need for additional software or configurations.

Snapd disabled by default

“Warpinator is a reimplementation of Giver. Server con… (read more)

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