Linux Kernel 4.19 Gets First Point Release, It's Now Ready for Mass Deployments

After releasing the Linux 4.19 kernel series, renowned kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman is back at maintaining the various long-term supported Linux kernel branches, announcing the availability of the first point release of Linux kernel 4.19.

The Linux 4.19 kernel series is the most advanced Linux kernel available right now, and the first point release, Linux kernel 4.19.1, is now out to mark it as stable on the website, which means that it is now ready to be adopted by most Linux-based operating system vendors who want to offer their users the latest available kernel.

A moderate update that changes a total of 43 files, with 199 insertions and 122 deletions, the Linux 4.19.1 kernel is recommended to all users who want to run the most advanced, and soon LTS (Long Term Supported), kernel series on thei… (read more)

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