Jammin’ with Jami – Freedom, privacy, snaps | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

About a year ago, the Advocacy team established first contact with Savoir-Faire Linux, a free software consultancy company behind Jami, a privacy oriented VoIP and conference platform. The Jami developers were interested in some sort of collaboration with us, and shedding fresh light on their product. Intrigued by their technology and business model, we featured Jami in the Snap Store. Since, Jami has seen a steady 3X growth in their active user base. Last week, we met again to talk about Jami, their experience with snaps, future plans, and more.

My interview peer was Sébastien Blin, a free software consultant and a core Jami developer working with the company since 2017.

Tell us a bit more about your workplace …

Savoir-Faire Linux is a free Software consultant Company working in several areas of expertise (embedded systems, infrastructure, software development, R&D), based in Canada and France. 

What is Jami?

Jami is a free (GPLv3) communication platform available on all major…

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