IoT project lifecycle – long-term support for IoT devices | Ubuntu

How long will you support your device? Long-term support for IoT is a simple but difficult question for many device manufacturers. 

If you are developing a smart home device, a mobile robot for hospitality, or the next iron man jetpack, you need to consider how long you will support the device on the market. This will have implications on your operational expenses, team resources and customer satisfaction. Simply put, the longer you support your device, the happier your user will be. But the more expensive it will be for you. 

What does this mean for your company in practice? And what are the costs associated with it? Let’s have a look! 

Defining your software’s long-term support for IoT

Have you ever wondered what LTS stands for? Every time there is a new Ubuntu release, take 22.04 as an example, we add LTS at the end of it; “Ubuntu 22.04 LTS”. LTS stands for long-term support. It means that this specific distribution, 22.04, will be supported for our…

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