How To Install Ubuntu Cloud

Installing Ubuntu Cloud

The best way to deploy Ubuntu OpenStack is with MAAS and Juju.

Ubuntu OpenStack is one of the many workloads you can deploy using Ubuntu Server. A full deployment will require a minimum of 10 servers.

Please note, you will need to install Juju twice, first on top of MAAS to deploy Ubuntu OpenStack and then again on Ubuntu OpenStack to deploy your workloads, it’s easier than it sounds, trust us on this one!

 Install Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud In 9 Easy Steps

  1. Download Ubuntu for Cloud
  2. Burn a DVD or create a bootable USB stick.
  3. Install it and select ‘MAAS’ when asked which workload to deploy.
  4. Add six or more nodes to MAAS.
  5. Deploy Juju on MAAS.
  6. Get the latest Ubuntu OpenStack release from the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
    sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:icehouse
  7. Deploy Ubuntu OpenStack using Juju.
  8. Configure Juju for OpenStack.
  9. DONE! Start deploying services to your cloud with Juju.

Install Ubuntu Cloud OpenStack 16.04 Video

Setup Ubuntu For Cloud Server

Ubuntu Server also includes a network-based provisioning system that uses Ubuntu’s Metal as a Service (MAAS) tool. Based on the industry-standard PXE network-boot protocol, MAAS enables the rapid, automated provisioning of many systems simultaneously.

Canonical’s Landscape further integrates MAAS technology with enterprise-class support for systems management and compliance requirements.

Setup Ubuntu OpenStack using Juju

› Configure Juju for OpenStack

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