How To Install Ubuntu Server

Installing Ubuntu Server

The basic steps to install Ubuntu Server Edition from CD or USB stick are the same for installing any operating system.

Note: Unlike the desktop version, Ubuntu Server does not include a graphical installation program, instead the Server Edition uses a console menu-based process which is actually amazing and simple to use.

 Install Ubuntu Server In 7 Easy Steps

  1. Download and burn the ISO file from the Ubuntu Server download page.
  2. Boot the system from the CD-ROM drive.
  3. At the boot prompt you will be asked to select the language.
  4. Select [ basic server install ].
  5. Enter appropriate options for language, keyboard layout, network configuration, hostname and timezone.
  6. You can then choose from several options to configure the hard drive layout. There are many ways disk layout can be configured.
  7. DONE! The Ubuntu Server is then installed and ready for you to play with.

Install Ubuntu Server Video 16.04

Mass provisioning of Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server also includes a network-based provisioning system that uses Ubuntu’s Metal as a Service (MAAS) tool. Based on the industry-standard PXE network-boot protocol, MAAS enables the rapid, automated provisioning of many systems simultaneously.

Canonical’s Landscape further integrates MAAS technology with enterprise-class support for systems management and compliance requirements.

How to configure your network for bare metal deployment via MAAS

Learn more about enterprise provisioning with Landscape

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