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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

Suppose you have a new feature for your software. Features can come from many sources, internal and external to your organization. Internally, they may originate with marketing, sales, support, developers, executives, or even known issues or prior experience. Externally, they can come from users, customers, and even competitors. In fact, competitors are often the catalyst for revolutionary features.

Features can come from anywhere, even from little things you see while you’re biking in the afternoon, or watching the barista in the coffee shop. These many features get collected into roadmaps, which make their way into development plans and specifications, which get assigned to the many developers that make a product successful.

While there are many developers, though, there are few technical authors to translate all this glory into immortal prose — or at least into a decent how-to guide. In fact, large teams of 20 or 30 developers often depend on just one writer to produce…

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