GNOME 3.28 to Bring Support for Hybrid GPU Systems to Its Mutter Window Manager

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

The development cycle of the GNOME 3.28 desktop environment kicked off with a bunch of updates for various of the core components and apps, including Mutter and GNOME Shell.

GNOME 3.28’s development cycle will take place under the 3.27.x umbrella, and, the first snapshot, GNOME 3.27.1, is expected to land later today or by the end of the week, depending on how fast the maintainers of various core components release new versions.

Mutter, GNOME’s window and composite manager, has already been updated to version 3.27.1, a release that finally introduces support for hybrid GPU systems. But Mutter 3.27.1 also comes with improvements for HiDPI scaling of shell chrome, and repairs unredirection of full-screen windows.

On a more technical note, Mutter can now work with clients that require and use the older linux_dmabuf protocol, and it’s capable of listing supported monitor scales on the X.Org Server display server. A crash that occurred when closing maximized windows wa… (read more)

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