Enlightenment 0.20.8 Desktop Environment Makes Startup Apps Work Again

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

The lightweight and eye-candy Enlightenment desktop environment/window manager received yet another maintenance release for its current stable branch, version 0.20.8.

Enlightenment 0.20.8 arrives one day after the Enlightenment Developer Days 2016 conference for Enlightenment developers and contributors, which took place earlier this week between May 14-16, in Paris, France.

Those who attended the highly anticipated event discussed and planned the upcoming features to be implemented in the next major release of the desktop environment, Enlightenment 0.21.0, which is currently in Beta stages of development.

As its version number suggests, Enlightenment 0.20.8 is the eighth update in the Enlightenment 0.20.x series, bringing a total of 42 changes, including mostly fixes for some of the issues reported by users since the Enlightenment 0.20.7 release.

Probably the most i… (read more)

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