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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024
Prof-Gnome theme previewProf-Gnome theme on Linux

Hello everyone, you can download Prof Gnome Theme for Ubuntu and Linux and experience a theme that the author says is ‘easy on the eyes’ and I might have to agree.

Today we will take a closer look to why we think you should give this Gnome theme a try on your favorite Linux operating system’s desktop. I just installed it a few minutes ago(about 30 minutes from the time I started to write this) and it’s actually quite nice, I am not a big fan of dark themes in general so I like that this theme has multiple color variants to choose from and of course if you were to use my favorite tool, Gnome Tweak tool, you can have further customization options for your theme including changing the font, icons in a nice Gui app that has stood the test of time. Anyway, back to the theme, like I was saying, the author said he/she made this theme to target those of you who want a theme that is easy on the eyes, and it is meant to be used by those of you enjoy Gnome-desktop on a daily basis. It is made for GTK 4.0 but of course the older models of GTK work like GTK3 but I would highly recommend everyone to upgrade to the latest GTK as soon as possible. Let us know in the comments if you decide to give this ‘professional’ theme a try.

Install Prof-Gnome on Linux

Download Prof-Gnome on Ubuntu via GitHub

Download Prof-Gnome on Ubuntu via Gnome Look

About Prof-Gnome Theme

Prof-Gnome is a GTK+ theme for Linux that is designed to be professional and easy on the eyes. It features a clean and modern design with a focus on usability. Prof-Gnome is also compatible with most GTK+ applications, including the GNOME Shell desktop environment with many people seem to favor, including myself on several of my Linux laptops.

Features of Prof-Gnome theme:

  • A focus on usability
  • A clean and modern design
  • Compatibility with most GTK+ applications
  • A variety of accent colors
  • A customizable layout
  • A variety of widgets
  • A light and dark theme

Prof-Gnome Screenshots

You might want to combine this theme with the Zafiro icon theme, they look good together.