Containerization vs. Virtualization : understand the differences | Ubuntu

Over the last couple of decades, a lot has changed in terms of how companies are running their infrastructure. The days of dedicated physical servers are long gone, and there are a variety of options for making the most out of your hosts, regardless of whether you’re running them on-prem or in the cloud. Virtualization paved the way for scalability, standardization and cost optimisation. Containerization brought new efficiencies. In this blog, we’ll talk about the difference between the two, and how each is beneficial.

The difference between traditional and virtualized environment

What is virtualization?

Back in the old days, physical servers functioned much like a regular computer would. You had the physical box, you would install an operating system, and then you would install applications on top. These types of servers are often referred to as ‘bare metal servers’, as there’s nothing in between the actual physical (metal) machine and the operating system….

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