CloudLinux 7 Gets New Linux Kernel Update to Fix Memory Leak, XFS Issue, More

CloudLinux’s Mykola Naugolnyi announced today the availability of a new kernel update for CloudLinux 7 operating system series, urging users to update their machines immediately.

CloudLinux 7’s kernel packages have been updated to version 3.10.0-427.36.1.lve1.4.37, which has been marked as ready for production and it’s available from the stable repositories of the operating system.

Today’s kernel replaces version 3.10.0-427.18.2.lve1.4.27 that most CloudLinux 7 users might have installed on their machines, and it fixes a memory leak related to LVE Lightweight Virtual Environment) deletion.

Additionally, kernel 3.10.0-427.36.1.lve1.4.37 is here to address an “no ops on block” error for the XFS file system, backports a fix for a “Kernel panic” problem from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and adds missing IO PREPARE to limit I/O operations.

The new kernel also implements the abil… (read more)
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