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Secure your data by using Ceph’s security features

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How can I securely store data in a cloud storage system?

Data is like the crown jewels of any organisation, if lost or exposed there could be severe repercussions.  Failure to protect against system failure could lead to the loss of business data rendering a business non-functional and ultimately causing it’s failure.  Exposing sensitive data to unauthorised parties not only leads to reputational damage, but can also cause businesses to incur massive fines.

This blog takes a closer look at these risks and how you can mitigate them with Ceph’s security features. Let’s start with some of the most common ways in which data breaches can occur:

Physical theft / transport

The loss of storage related hardware, disks or entire storage systems could lead to the exposure of sensitive information.  This could happen during a traditional burglary situation, where an unauthorised party gains access to…

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