Canonical releases Landscape 24.04 LTS


With 12 years of support, Landscape 24.04 LTS adds snap and repository management controls to a modernised systems management web portal and API.

Screenshot of the new Landscape Dashboard

London, 30 April 2024.

Today Canonical announced the availability of Landscape’s first LTS release. Landscape 24.04 LTS features a new versioned API, a new web portal with accessibility and performance in mind, and intuitive controls for software distribution. Landscape 24.04 LTS comprises Landscape Server and Landscape Client. With a modernised backend and web portal in place, engineering teams can work efficiently, focusing on patches and new features.

Predictable release cadence and 12 years of support for LTS versions

Building on Canonical’s commitment to reliability, Landscape releases going forward will align with Ubuntu LTS and interim releases for predictable security coverage, feature patches, and bug fixes.

Landscape Server 24.04 can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Ubuntu…

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