BT Group and Canonical deliver 5G to UK stadiums | Canonical


Connectivity is intimately connected to the human experience, especially today. While some of us grew up sending snail mail to loved ones, most of us now take the ability to instantly send a text message for granted. News, pictures and data can reach us within a split second. When that experience of instant connectivity is disrupted, we feel it more than usual. And if you’ve been to a large football match or concert of late, that disruption might seem all-too-familiar.

To address this challenge, telco providers have begun to roll out network upgrades at large venues like concert halls and stadiums. Connect-World reports that 94% of network operators in Europe intend to deliver new 5G services to sports event organisers that want to improve the fan experience and deal with the thorny issue of network congestion in high-density areas. Recently, Canonical had the pleasure of assisting BT Group and its consumer division, EE, in achieving better in-stadium connectivity across…

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