Auto-scaling of Intel FlexRAN components based on MicroK8s and Ubuntu real-time kernel support | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

RAN has incrementally evolved with every generation of mobile telecommunications, thus enabling faster data transfers between user devices and core networks. The amount of data has increased more than ever with an increase in the number of interlinked devices. With existing network architectures, challenges lie in handling increasing workloads with the ability to process, analyse and transfer data faster.   The 5G ecosystem requires virtual implementations of RAN. Fifth-generation mobile networks demand more flexibility to adapt, scalability to meet network conditions on run time, and automation for remote management which could only be delivered through virtualised RAN.  

Intel FlexRAN addresses the challenges of traditional RAN architectures. It has the ability to abstract the underlying hardware from core network functions for optimal resource utilisation. FlexRAN is an enhancement and reference implementation of O-RAN (OpenRAN) with the flexibility of interoperation between…

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