Wine-Staging 2.0 RC4 Improves FlipToGDISurface DirectDraw Handling, Adds Fixes

It was bound to happen sooner or later, especially now that Wine 2.0 got its fourth Release Candidate (RC), and you can now test drive one of the last development release of Wine-Staging 2.0.

The Wine Staging team have announced the availability of the Wine-Staging 2.0 RC4, based on Wine 2.0 RC4, but bringing a bunch of various improvements and bug fixes that haven’t yet landed in the mainline Wine branch. Among these, we can mention better handling of FlipToGDISurface DDraw.

There are, of course, the usual regression fixes and other small improvements that should make your gaming and other Wine activities a bit faster than if you were to use the third Release Candidate of Wine-Staging 2.0, which made it possible to play DOOM 2016 on your GNU/Linux box.

All the improvements from Wine 2.0 RC4 have been implemented

Being based on Wine 2.0 RC4, this fourth Release Candidate o… (read more)

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