Slax Linux 9.7 Improves Compatibility with New USB Devices, Is Now Even Smaller

Slax Linux developer Tomas Matejicek announced the release of Slax 9.7.0, a maintenance update that makes Slax even smaller than it already is and improves support for new USB devices.

Probably the biggest change of the Slax 9.7 release is that the tiny GNU/Linux distribution is now even smaller as the developer managed to compress the SquashFS filesystem using 1MB blocks instead of the older 512K block size, which is still supported for compatibility with old modules. Due to this small change, the ISO image is now with 10MB smaller than previous releases.

Another interesting change implemented in Slax 9.7 is an updated “slax activate” command that’s now capable of copying modules to your computer’s RAM only if required, which means that Slax will no longer copy all activated modules, including those downloaded from Internet and stored in user’s Home directory, to RAM or to the USB flash drive when powers up.

“Slax is a modular operating system, and it supports on… (read more)

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