Provisioning bare metal Kubernetes clusters with Spectro Cloud and MAAS | Ubuntu

Bare metal Kubernetes (K8s) is now easier than ever. Spectro Cloud has recently posted an article about integrating Kubernetes with MAAS (Metal-as-a-Service.

In the article, they describe how they have created a provider for the Kubernetes Cluster API for Canonical MAAS (Metal-as-a-Service).  This blog describes briefly the benefits of bare metal K8s, the challenges it presents, and how the work by Saad Malik and the team from Spectro Cloud solves those challenges.

The K8s Cluster API provides an abstraction layer for provisioning to underlying infrastructure such as servers and VMs. Examples of providers include public cloud providers. Now thanks to Spectro Cloud, there is also a provider for MAAS.

A perfect match for bare metal Kubernetes

What is bare metal Kubernetes?

Let’s recap what bare metal K8s is. Simply put, it is exactly as it sounds. Typically, Kubernetes clusters are built on top of virtual machines (VMs). With bare metal K8s, the cluster is built directly on…

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