Multipass 1.11 brings enhanced performance for Linux on Mac and Windows | Ubuntu

Multipass 1.11 is here!

This release has some particularly interesting features that we’ve been wanting to ship for a while now. We’re excited to share them with you!

For those who aren’t familiar with Multipass, it’s software that streamlines every aspect of managing and working with virtual machines. We’ve found that development, particularly for cloud applications, can often involve a huge amount of tedious work setting up development and testing environments. Multipass aims to solve that by making the process of creating and destroying VMs as simple as a single command, and by integrating the VM into your host machine and your development flow as much as possible.

That principle of integration is one of the main focuses we had for the 1.11 release. There are two major features out today that make Multipass much more integrated with your host machine – native mounts and directory mapping.

Performance boost

Performance has always been in Multipass’ DNA –…

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