Microsoft, Harvard Announce Differential Privacy Open-Source Platform

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Microsoft harvard announce differential privacy open source platformMicrosoft has just announced the world’s first open source platform for differential privacy, which is powered by the OpenDP Initiative developed by a team of researchers from Harvard.

The new platform, which is supposed to enable researchers to preserve privacy when analyzing datasets, the company explains in an announcement this week.

Microsoft says that beginning today, a royalty-free license under its differential privacy patents is available for anyone who wants to use the platform for data analysis.

Already available on GitHub

More specifically, the open-source platform for differential privacy makes it possible to look into data from customers without actually exposing the privacy of an individual. The accuracy of the analysis isn’t affected in any way, Microsoft says.

“Through these mechanisms, differential privacy protects personally identifiable information by preventing it from appearing in data analysis altogether. It further masks t… (read more)

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