Learn about MLOps: Kubeflow at OSXP 2022 | Ubuntu


When: 8-9 November 2022

Where: Booth E32, OSXP Palais de Congres, Paris

Open Source Experience is the meeting place for the entire open-source software industry. It gathers more than 4,500 professionals, allowing them to deep dive into open-source technologies, solutions and challenges in France and Europe. The event delves into topics like AI/ML,  digital twins and Blockchain. Canonical is going to be present at OSXP Paris 2022, talking about Charmed Kubeflow, the end-to-end MLOps platform.

Meet the team at OSXP 2022

Learn about MLOps and how you can kickstart your AI/ML initiatives. Enterprises struggle with data complexity, project complexity, tooling choice and much more. Taking a model from idea to MVP and then from MVP to production comes with different requirements. During the event, you can meet Canonical’s experts and talk about all these and more related topics: 

  • MLOps
  • Charmed Kubeflow: an end-to-end open-source MLOps platform
  • Real use-case forMLOps
  • Demo…

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