IoT Project Lifecycle: Efficient prototyping with Snaps and Ubuntu Core [Part I] | Ubuntu

There is nothing more exciting than creating something new. Whether developing a new idea, coding a new software feature or creating a new product altogether. After a lot of hard work, we can finally see users interacting with the system and sharing their feedback. The quickest way to reach that point in a project is to start prototyping early.

With an abundance of hardware and software available, it has never been easier to create a working prototype. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a prototype is worth a thousand meetings. Providing an interactive solution to stakeholders and potential users is the easiest and fastest way to convey and validate your ideas.

Being efficient

As far as IoT prototypes are concerned, creating a technical prototype is both overwhelming and fun. There are so many applications, services, software repositories and containers that can be tried and used directly. It is somehow easy to get distracted by all the options. And we…

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