How to raise funding for your robotics venture | Chapter 2 – Akara | Ubuntu

Robotics ventures are different. They face different technical challenges in design, testing and deployment. This has an implication for everything, including funding. It’s not the same to raise funding for the next mobile app or IoT device, as for the next assistive robot. Investors and developers alike know about the risks:

  • Hardware and software simply increase development time, investment and risk. 
  • Minimal viable products come after three to four costly prototypes
  • Access to fast prototyping equipment and off the shelf devices

All of this increases the investment needed to develop robotics devices, compared to other industries. How do you make a compelling case for investors?

In Chapter 2 of our Robot Maker webinar series, we will explore how to address this challenge with the guidance of Akara CEO Dr. Conor McGinn. 

Funding for robotics companies

In Chapter 1, we discussed when it’s a good time to spin out, why you should do it and what your challenges will be in the…

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