Hold your horses, I mean snaps! New feature lets you stop snap updates, for as long as you need | Ubuntu

One of the core aspects of the snap ecosystem is the built-in, robust auto-update mechanism. Whenever there is a snap update available in the Snap Store, the snapd service will apply it, keeping your software patched and up to date. Most of the time, this works great. In some scenarios, though, this may not be what the user wants or expects.

For instance, you may not want an application to update while you’re running it and using it. We’ve all witnessed the arguably funny situations where someone’s laptop performs a system update just as they’re about to present to a large audience at a conference. You could be on a metered connection, or your organization has a strict test-before-update policy. While there are workarounds for how to effectively manage snap refreshes, they don’t fully provide the required level of control. A new refresh hold feature, available in the snapd edge channel, now resolves this long-outstanding conundrum.

Refresh hold

The new hold feature allows…

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