GTA V on Linux Shows Microsoft’s Desktop Gaming Domination Is Almost Over

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Gta v on linux shows microsoft’s desktop gaming domination isLinux has long been considered an alternative to Windows, but many refused to make the switch and abandon Microsoft’s operating system due to the rather limited gaming support in the Linux world.

And yet, this drawback has been gradually addressed not only with games that landed with Linux support, but also thanks to other solutions, such as Lutris, which make it possible to play a wider array of titles on the likes of Ubuntu and others.

The video that you see here is a demonstration of how GTA 5, which is now available for free from the Epic Games store, runs on Linux using Lutris, all with an approach that’s as straightforward as possible.

In other words, pretty much everyone should be able to get the game running on Linux, despite GTA V itself being a rather large game that would have previously raised various compatibility issues here.

Steam games

Of course, the even easier way is to get games from Steam, where Linux support is offered from … (read more)

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