FAQ: MLOps with Charmed Kubeflow | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

Charmed Kubeflow is Canonical’s Kubeflow distribution and MLOps platform. The latest release shipped on 8 September. Our engineering team hosted a couple of livestreams to answer the questions from the community: a beta-release webcast and a technical deep-dive. In case you missed them, you can read the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about MLOps and access helpful resources in this blog post.

Note that you can also watch the videos on Youtube: Beta-release & a technical deep-dive.

Upstream Kubeflow and Charmed Kubeflow: the differences explained

What’s the main feature of the new Kubeflow 1.6?

One of the themes of this version of Kubeflow was improved user experience and pipelines 2.0 in particular. The new release comes with improved input-output rules, faster meta-data support, and simpler authoring components. Learn more about the new Kubeflow pipelines in our livestream.
Kubeflow 1.6 also supports Kubernetes 1.22, and many bug fixes related to Notebooks. Learn more…

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