Dell EMC PowerEdge and Canonical Charmed Ceph, a proven solution | Ubuntu

Here at Canonical, we have lots of industry partnerships where we work jointly, hand-in-hand, to produce the best possible outcomes for the open source community. From getting early access to next generation hardware to ensure Ubuntu is fully compatible when it’s released, to creating solution orientated reference architectures for products built on top of Ubuntu like Charmed Ceph, Canonical is committed to engineering the best possible computing experience.

Recently, our product management and hardware alliances teams came together with Dell Technologies to collaboratively define, test, and validate a Dell EMC PowerEdge based Charmed Ceph reference architecture.

Reference architecture

The goal of this exercise was to produce a guide to building a capacity orientated Ceph cluster that could be used for block (RBD), file (CephFS) or object (Swift or S3) workloads, and demonstrate the performance that can be achieved with similar hardware.

We took relatively standard components…

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