Canonical Says Ubuntu Support Unaffected by the Coronavirus Outbreak

Canonical says Ubuntu and broader open source support services are completely unaffected by the coronavirus outbreak, as everything is running normally thanks to a series of measures.

First and foremost, Canonical says it’s now working 100 percent remotely “and can sustain that posture indefinitely.” Not only that some employees were already working remotely, but additional staff is now requested to stay home amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

“With remote colleagues by default, and a policy of flexible office work, Canonical was well placed for the adjustments needed globally to slow the spread of COVID-19. We have given our teams space and time to ensure those vulnerable close to them are shielded as possible, and to enable them to make any needed childcare arrangements,” Canonical says.

“We have moved the teams who previously did work in offices – finance, design, inside sales and device enablement – to remote work, and assigned mentors to those groups for the…

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