3 reasons why OTA updates are important [Part II] | Ubuntu

In the first part of this blog series, we covered what the term ‘OTA’ means and some key advantages and considerations of using OTA technology in IoT. Read more about what OTA means in the blog post here.

Devices are everywhere but they all need maintenance. Maintaining household gadgets such as laptops, printers and smart watches has become easier over the years as update technology evolves. Today, users do not have to even think about updates – they can seamlessly take place in the background or overnight. These updates take place over-the-air (OTA) and have revolutionised the way that we keep hardware, software or firmware maintained. Now devices can easily stay updated, even when distributed across a city, country or continent.

OTA solutions are important for a number of reasons. Delivering consistent, reliable and robust software updates to any platform is a huge challenge. Delivering such updates to low-powered, inaccessible, and often remotely administered…

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