What is a Cloud-Based Smartphone | Ubuntu

Check out page 70 of the Mobile magazine, where our Telco CTO – Arno shares his comment on the Cloud-Based Smartphone.

This entire concept was build by on of the global telco operators using open source technology called Anbox Cloud. This technology presents many opportunities for mobile service providers.

The main one is creating new immersive ways how users can experience 5G. As shown on the MWC2022 demo, you could be walking on the sidewalk and reading an e-mail on your phone. Later you enter an Uber, and on a bigger screen there, continue replying for it. When you get out from the cab, the screen turns black, and you walk away continuing on the smartphone. This is possible, because your smartphone is not that smart anymore. This is just a simple device, with a screen, battery, baseband modem and few other cheap components. Your Android operating system is actually running securely in the cloud, preferably a micro-cloud on the edge of the network. A device in your…

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