The role of secure data storage in fueling AI innovation | Ubuntu


There is no AI without data

Artificial intelligence is the most exciting technology revolution of recent years. Nvidia, Intel, AMD and others continue to produce faster and faster GPU’s enabling larger models, and higher throughput in decision making processes.

Outside of the immediate AI-hype, one area still remains somewhat overlooked: AI needs data (find out more here). First and foremost, storage systems need to provide high performance access to ever growing datasets, but more importantly they need to ensure that this data is securely stored, not just for the present, but also for the future.

There are multiple different types of data used in typical AI systems:

  • Raw and pre-processed data
  • Training data
  • Models
  • Results

All of this data takes time and computational effort to collect, process and output, and as such need to be protected. In some cases, like telemetry data from a self-driving car, this data might never be able to be reproduced.  Even after training data…

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