The private cloud future: Data centres as a service | Ubuntu

Even after the public cloud hype, private clouds remain to be a very essential part of many enterprises’ cloud strategy. Private clouds are simply giving CIOs more control over their budgets, enabling better security and allowing the flexibility to build best of breed IT solutions. So let’s stop here and take a step backwards, why are organisations even investing in their IT?

Why are private clouds complicated?

IT is an investment, like any other investment an organisation makes. Think of it financially, nobody will decide to invest because they think it will be cool! There is a financial return at the end of any road that makes the story reasonable. This might be:

  • Cutting down current costs, saving money.
  • Securing the data and applications, building reputation and saving money
  • Improving productivity, helping organisations make more money.
  • Better serving their customers, making more money.
  • Enabling the launching of a new product or service, making more money.
  • Cutting down the…

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