OpenStack for telcos by Canonical | Ubuntu

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What are the benefits of OpenStack for telcos today?

OpenStack has been around for a good while now, and many of us associate it with the period of IT technology’s initial transition from individual appliance implementation on hardware, to cloud compute and virtualisation. And yet in 2020 we cannot skip this topic when talking telco infrastructure.

So how is OpenStack still pertinent to telco organisations, and what in broad terms is new and exciting or worth discussing today about OpenStack?

Simply put, OpenStack remains at the heart of the telco infrastructure, as it is still the primary building block across an entire stack, consisting – for example – of MAAS for bare metal provisioning, Kubernetes for container orchestration, and Juju for operators. When thinking about an infrastructure like this, there’s still a need today for a software that’s managing distributed compute network and storage resources, exposing them as a single pool…

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