How telcos are building carrier-grade infrastructure using open source | Ubuntu


Telco cloud implementation with Canonical and HPE

Service providers need cloud infrastructure everywhere, from modern 5G and 6G network functions running in the network core to sophisticated AI/ML jobs running on the edge. Given the sensitivity of those workloads to any interruptions, outages or performance degradations, the cloud infrastructure used by telecommunication companies needs to be fast, robust and ultra stable.

To satisfy these requirements, telcos are increasingly turning towards open source infrastructure solutions – most notably OpenStack and Kubernetes – which deliver greater levels of flexibility, improved economics and easier access to innovation compared with traditional, proprietary software.

Today’s blog examines the drivers behind this open source infrastructure trend, and explores the advantages that telcos can gain by utilising a carrier-grade open infrastructure stack alongside purpose-built, optimised hardware.

Watch the Telco cloud implementation…

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