How Linux Helps the Fight Against the New Coronavirus

The entire world is now struggling to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and tech giants themselves have stepped in to help provide protective equipment and support the research for a vaccine.

As a key part of the tech world, Linux itself is playing an essential role in this fight against the new coronavirus, and today SUSE announced it’s offering free services, including the open-source operating system and container technologies, to medical device manufacturers.

More specifically, SUSE will provide companies that produce medical devices supposed to help us deal with COVID-19 with support and maintenance for SUSE Linux Enterprise and container technologies that can be embedded into new devices.

Free support and container technologies

SUSE’s products, such as the SUSE Embedded Linux, can be installed on medical devices, while container technologies, including SUSE CaaS Platform, and SUSE Cloud Application Platform, help with a series of extra capab… (read more)

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