How are we improving Firefox Snap performance? Part 2 | Ubuntu

Photo by John Anvik, Unsplash

Welcome to Part 2 of our investigation into Firefox snap performance. To minimise duplication we recommend checking out Part 1 of this series. There you’ll find a summary of our approach, glossary of terms, and tips on standardised benchmarking.

Welcome back, Firefox fans! It’s time for another update on our Firefox snap improvements.

The Firefox snap offers a number of benefits to daily users of Ubuntu as well as a range of other Linux distributions. It improves security, delivers cross-release compatibility and shortens the time for improvements from Mozilla to get into the hands of users.

Currently, this approach has trade-offs when it comes to performance, most notably in Firefox’s first launch after a system reboot. This series tracks our progress in improving startup times to ensure we are delivering the best user experience possible.

Along the way we’ll also be addressing specific use-case issues that have been identified with the…

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