Debian GNU/Hurd 2017 Released, It's Mostly Based on the Debian 9 Stretch Sources

Debian GNU/Hurd maintainer Samuel Thibault was pleased to announce today the release and immediate availability for download of the Debian GNU/Hurd 2017 operating system.

Mostly a snapshot of the Debian Sid (Unstable) development distribution, Debian GNU/Hurd 2017 is here to bring users pretty much the same stability and reliability that the recently released Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” offers. However, please note that this is not an official Debian release, but an official Debian GNU/Hurd port.

“It is with huge pleasure that the Debian GNU/Hurd team announces the release of Debian GNU/Hurd 2017,” says the dev in the mailing list announcement. “This is a snapshot of Debian “Sid” at the time of the stable Debian “stretch” release (May 2017), s… (read more)

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