Ubuntu Summit 2023 Reflections | Ubuntu


We have just returned from the stunning city of Riga, where Canonical hosted the Ubuntu Summit 2023, and we are still buzzing with the energy from meeting so many of you. 

Preparing this event was a team effort. A small team of us have been meeting for months, brainstorming ideas, preparing huge to-do lists, and dividing responsibilities.  It was difficult, but also hugely rewarding, and an opportunity many of us felt was a privilege. As organizers, we embarked on our own journey, and formed great bonds with each other—and with you—by being tied by this event.

One of our main targets for this year was to be more open and communicative, and we succeeded.  We explained our goals and vision for the Ubuntu Summit with our Ubuntu Summit 2023 announcement, shared stories on how we designed our logo, and encouraged speakers to submit exciting talks and workshops. We also gave our thoughts on why you should attend the Ubuntu Summit 2023 and sent a last reminder: The winter is…

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