Private home directories for Ubuntu 21.04 | Ubuntu


Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Ubuntu has evolved a lot since its early beginnings as an easier-to-use derivative of Debian that catered primarily to the nascent Linux desktop market. Today Ubuntu is deployed beyond just your laptops at home and in the office.  Nowadays you are more likely to find Ubuntu in the cloud, powering some of the world’s best known enterprises and running on various IoT devices out in the field. With this shift in adoption has come many different technical challenges and trade-offs due to the competing demands of each of these environments. One such challenge that is always front-of-mind for Ubuntu developers is the tension between security and usability. With an early and continued focus on both usability and security, Ubuntu has prided itself on being the go-to choice for both users and developers. The choice of appropriate sensible defaults lets users be productive without having to fight against their operating system.

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