Linux Application Summit 2022 – And there we were all in one place … | Ubuntu

In the last two days of April, the small, picturesque town of Rovereto in northern Italy was the location of this year’s Linux Application Summit (LAS). After a virtual-only experience during the pandemic, the LAS returned with a physical presence, and so did we.

Canonical has long recognized the value and importance of LAS as a cornerstone of open-source cooperation and collaboration. And never before was this more evident than in the 2022’s event, organized by both KDE and GNOME in unison. We’d like to tell you a bit more about LAS, and give our spin to the story.

First Contact

For many, LAS 2022 was the first conference they could attend in person after more than two years of webcam communications, and the human need to be physically present around like-minded people was palpable. While we did learn to adapt to the new reality of online calls and video streaming, technology cannot replace what is inherently a big part of human nature. Invigorated, passionate and…

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