How to make snaps faster | Ubuntu

A great user experience is (or at least, should be) an integral part of any software that involves user interaction. On the desktop, this starts with the application launch, and continues through the session. The overall time to completion of tasks as well as interactive responsiveness are a core element in this journey.

If you’re a snap developer or publisher, the topic of speed may arise for various reasons. The differences in the overall architecture and principles of operation of snaps, in comparison to software deployed as Deb or RPM packages, can sometimes lead to a slower experience. This goes against the prime directive of desktop usage. In this article, we want to show you a number of methods and tools you can use to make your snaps snappy.

Compression method

As we’ve outlined in the LZO compression adoption announcement last year, the most immediate change that developers can implement is the use of the LZO compression for their snaps. You may also want to check the…

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