Manage FIPS-enabled Linux machines at scale with Landscape 23.03 | Ubuntu


You or your organisation are tasked with hardening your workstations and servers, where do you begin? Installing Ubuntu and applying all the security patches is a good place to start, but what else is needed? The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a cybersecurity agency established in 1988, has published a series of security requirements for cryptographic modules since 1993. Instead of approaching hardening from a blank slate, anyone can benefit from NIST’s ongoing work in under 5 minutes, and have the strongest cryptography and hardening posture, when using Ubuntu.

FIPS, Ubuntu Pro, and Landscape: a brief introduction

The data security and regulatory compliance guardrails published by NIST are known as Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). Configuring Ubuntu to comply with FIPS provides data protection and risk management assurances. If you’re interested in having an auditable cryptographically secure posture, or if FIPS is a contractually…

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