How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Ubuntu Phone

Sync Android contact with Ubuntu PhoneSync Android contact with Ubuntu Phone

Hello everyone, how are you all doing on this wonderful Wednesday afternoon? I am doing fine, could be better but again, nothing to really complain about, just some relationship issues here and there. Anyway, read on…

Today we will teach you how to transfer your Android Phone contacts to an Ubuntu Phone. As you have heard, plenty of Ubuntu phones are now available in most European countries with India, Asia, Africa, South America and North America to follow. Some of you probably have an Ubuntu phone already. How is it? I am jealous! I have yet to get my hands on one but I can’t f’n wait to get one. The Ubuntu Touch OS looks amazing on it, anyway lets begin the tutorial.

Top Ways to import contacts in Ubuntu Phone

  • import contacts from your Google account
  • import contacts from SIM (Yes, this feature works now)
  • import contacts from .vcf (vCard) file

Import Contacts from Android To Ubuntu Phone

All you need to do is to export your existing Android contacts to .vcf format. Transfer this .vcf file to Ubuntu Phone (via USB transfer, email or by any means possible), open this .vcf file and import the contacts.

Step 1: Export your Android contacts to .vcf file

On Android:

  • Go to contacts
  • Click on the settings option
  • Select export to SD card/storage device

Step 2: Transfer the .vcf file to Ubuntu Phone

There are several ways you could transfer the vCard file. You can use USB cable and transfer from Android to PC and from PC to Ubuntu Phone via USB cable. You can use File Manager app to open files in Ubuntu Phone.

Or, you could simply email this .vcf file, even to yourself. You need an email client to be installed on Ubuntu Phone. If you are using Gmail, prefer to install the Gmail app from Ubuntu Store.

When you choose your prefered method, get the .vcf file. Double click to open it. It will give option to open the file with Contacts. Select it and it will start importing the contacts.

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