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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great weekend so far, my weekend is going fine so far, as you can see I have been away for about a week but I am back now, I was on a mini vacation that I desperately needed, I mostly wasted my time playing a game that was made like 15 years+ years ago, Rise of Nations, a classic game, google it, download it play it, trust me it’s quiet fun lol, anyway read on…

What is Tomahawk Player?

Tomahawk Music Player is a social media player that plays your local music (on PC) and also streams music from SoundCloud, Beats, Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube and others.

The newly released Tomhawk Music PLayer 0.8 comes with a brand new UI, support for Beats Music & Google Play Music with now playing notifications. It also comes wit support for drag and drop iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and many other websites.

Tomahawk  Bug Fixes

  •  Fixed drag & drop issues on sidebar.
  •  Fixed starting Tomahawk with a filename as parameter.
  • Update column view when collection changes.
  • Performance improvements for collection browsing
  • Improved memory footprint
  • Show cloud collections above your friends in the sidebar
  • Keep looking for alternative sources even when we found a perfect match
  • Fixed crash in network code
  • Fixed repeat one/all icons
  • Be more lenient about accepting JSPF and M3U playlists
  • Improved support for compilation albums
  • (Linux) Don’t crash on environments with invalid locales.
  • (Windows) Fixed support for Windows XP
  • (OS X) Fixed settings dialog appearance on Yosemite
  • (OS X) Fixed SSL errors on Yosemite

Tomahawk Music Player Screenshots

Download Tomahawk For Ubuntu

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